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Worldcall EvDO Detailed Review (Now In Peshawer )

I have had the chance of using it for about 2 weeks now and here is a detailed review of how it fared from the purchasing experience to the usage one.

bye the way for those of you in Karachi Mohtashim at IT Tazee has done a detailed review here also for those of you weighing your options against PTCL techlahore has a post here

So how did it fare in Lahore hit the read more link for details

Getting on Boar

Getting a connection of Worldcall Wireless Broadband is as simple as it gets, you need a copy of your id card and a copy of utility bill (I still don’t understand the need for this ) The will provide you with a box like a CD box which you can take home and start using). The box contains the sleek USB Device a USB Extension cable and manual. Introductory price of Worldcall EvDO device is Rs 3000. That’s all the cost you need to start using this connection

Installing and using the connection

Installing and getting up on the connection is also pretty easy, as soon as you plug-in the device it will automatically run the installer utility and all your drivers will be installed automatically, a new connection with the name “Worldcall EVDO” and a new Program “Mobile Partner” are installed automatically. You can use the mobile partner to connect and you are online !!


Worldcall’s has provided a very sleek device to access the EvDO Network, the device itself is a HUWAEI EC168C EvDO USB Stick. It is a durably built device looks good, the USB Connection rotates and fixes in place to make it more secure for carrying in a pocket or your Laptop Bag

The rotable USB connection makes it very easy to connect to a USB Port on your computer and adjust it so it does not obscure your work.

Icing on the Cake

The most interesting thing for me (might not be important for every one) in the device was the ability to access a micro SD card, there is a hidden slot which appears when you open the device where you can insert a micro SD card, I had a 1 gb old Micro SD card which i inserted and viola!! I had a usb stick with me, I had been thinking of buying a USB device for some time but this really came as a savior, now don’t need to carry two separate things, also it will enable for quicker access to the Micro SD of my black berry for the pictures or videos i keep snapping. According to specs it should be good up to an sd card of 8 gb capacity which is enough for my needs. One caveat how ever would be how this device acts when connected to a computer which does not have all the drivers installed it will install the drivers for evdo before allowing the system to access the storage, however for me its a god send gift



just reposting for new readers here

Package Price

  • 256Kbps Rs . 1,299
  • 512Kbps Rs . 1,800
  • 1024 Kbps (1 Mbps ) Rs . 2,500

Introductory price for service activation is 2999/- (Its my assumption that it means the cost of device too) which is not a bad deal considering the device is being charged at 4500 in Karachi, and PTCL device costs 6000 rs

Comparing with PTCL EvDO Rates for 2000 you get an upwards of 1 Mbps connection with same unlimited downloads where as for 1800 worldcall gives you a 512 Kbps, and with the recent launch of USB Device from ptcl the competition would be stiff, the plus point PTCL also has is the continuous functioning of device even out of major cities, but Customer service of PTCL has been an issue for people having problems.

Some addition to our initial observations is that wordcall does have an edge of providing flexibility in packages where a user with a lower budget could go for the 1200 Package which is absent from the PTCL deal.

Speed and Connectivity

Speed of worldcall EvDO is as promised on I got this (the download never exceed the 512 though which is the speed of my package.

The browsing is fast and ftp downloads are also fast (will update with accurate speeds later).



For us consumer the advent of EvDO and Wimax present some very good alternatives to DSL which some times can be a night mare if your landline has noise etc (Try getting it fixed through PTCL). EvDO in itself presents a very viable options for people on road, allowing connectivity in small portable packages, also with the current load shedding if your laptop can withstand a 1 hour black out it would mean that you can stay connected through the load shedding which in itself was a major thought when i went for this. The competitor in its space is PTCL which has a better cost to speed ratio but a little less flexibility in packages and a considerable startup cost of 6,000 rupees (against worldcall’s 3000 )


"Latest Microsoft office 2010"

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Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 can produce more polished documents and presentations, and Outlook's new scheduling abilities make it a handier communications hub. Professionals who want to impress clients and co-workers with attractive reports, charts, and slide shows will find this a worthy upgrade.

It offers complex features that you can't yet find elsewhere, but also falls short in key areas. Inter-application integration isn't as thorough as we'd hoped, and there's no one-click way to collaborate with others on an edit without buying more software. Despite its bevy of Windows Live and Office Live services, Microsoft chose not to build a bridge to the Web for all Office users. A growing number of competing tools are simpler, cost less or are free, and handle the same core features.

We imagine that power users who have mastered the nooks and crannies of the older versions will curse the steep learning curve. But take heed: The new era of Office affects even those who don't upgrade, and a conversion tool is needed to let older Office versions open Office 2007's default, Open XML files


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Battle of the browsers: find your favourite browser


Maximum PC tested all current main browsers on the market including their latest alpha and beta versions (except Chrome 2). The tests are semi-extensive, 7 pages all up but most of the space is taken up by images. Final release browsers tested were IE 7, Firefox 3, Safari 3, Opera 9.6 and Chrome 1. In addition they also put through the paces the alpha version of Opera 10 and the betas of IE 8 (beta 2), Firefox 3.1 (beta 2, now maybe becoming Firefox version 5) and Safari 4; I wonder why Chrome 2 wasn’t tested.

The detailed browser comparison starts with a look at the different rendering engines used, moves on to the various interfaces as well as support for web standards (using the acid 2 and 3 tests). Security & privacy, add-ons & themes and finally a benchmark performance test round up the test regime. In regards to benchmark testing it is not surprising that the answer to questions like ‘is Safari 4 really 3 times faster than IE 7′ is a clear no. There are so many variables involved that it’s impossible to come up with a completely reliable performance yardstick. However, Maximum PC did notice differences among browsers, just not as pronounced as their benchmarks indicate. Safari 4 and, to their surprise, Internet Explorer 8 felt the snappiest, though neither version of Firefox ever felt slow by comparison.

Anyway, it’s worthwhile reading the whole article to get a better feel for the differences between the browsers and their soon to be released new incarnations. Click here to go to the Maximum PC pages.



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How to change the template

At this opportunity, I will discuss about how to change template in First matter to be in considering in changing template is you have to make a backing up your old template, this good for if you feeling not match with your newly template. if you not yet known the way to back up template, please read at the post how to backup template, and also don't forget to back up your widgets (this is very important). For back up your widgets, please read at the post how to backup your widgets.



How to Settings your blog?

If your blog want caried by google, you must doing several settings. This is how to setting your blog:

  1. Login to with your ID.

  2. If your blog more than 1, click at the blog title want to setting.

  3. Click Setting and then click Basic. Several form that must in the contents to the menu basic:

    • Title : Content with your blog title. Example : Blog Tutorial.

    • Description : Content with your description blog. Example : All about blogging can find here.

    • Add your blog to our listing : chose Yes, so that every time posting always entered the list.

    • Show Quick Editing on your blog : Chose Yes.

    • Show Email post link : It is best to chose Yes, but if you chose No also it's allright.

    • Show compose Mode for all your blog : Chose Yes.

    • Show transliteration button for your post : chose Yes if the you wanted to be button to change normally alphabet to hindi (India) alphabet, Chose No if being the reverse.

    • Click Save Settings.

    • Finish.

  4. Click Publishing to arrange the publishing menu.

    • Blog’Spot Address : Content with your blog address. Example : kolom-tutorial.

    • Send Pings : Chose Yes.

    • Click Save Settings.

    • Finish.

  5. Click Formatting to arrange the formatting menu.

    • Show : Chose the number of post want you to display in your blog. Example : Show : 6 post, it's means your posting will display in your page Totally six posting. Chose Post (don't days) at pulldown menu

    • Date header Format : Chose the style of date/month what you wanted, this date/month will display above your post.

    • Archive Index Date Format : Chose the style for your archive

    • Timestamp Format : Chose the style of the time, what you wanted.

    • Time Zone : Chose the matching zone with your place. Example for WIB : [UTC+7.00] jakarta.

    • Language : Chose language what you wanted.

    • Convert line break : Chose Yes, but if you chose No it's allright.

    • Show Link Field : Chose No, but if you chose Yes it's allright.

    • Enable Float aligment : Chose Yes, but if you chose No it's allright.

    • Click Save Settings.

    • Finish.

  6. Click Comment to arrange the Comment menu.

    • Comments : Chose Show.

    • Who Comment? Chose Anyone. It's means anyone can comment to your post.

    • Comments Default for Post : Chose New post Have Comments

    • Back links : Chose Show. It's means you will know if another people has linked to your post.

    • Backlinks default for Posts : Chose New post have Backlinks.

    • Show comments in a popup window? : Chose Yes. It's means when the people click Comment link your blog not lost.

    • Show word verification for comments? : It's better to chose Yes

    • Enable comment moderation? : Chose No, but if you wanted chose Yes it's allright.

    • Show profile images on comments? : Chose Yes. It's means the photo of commentator of blogger member can display.

    • Comment Notification Address : Content with your email address.

    • Click SAVE SETTINGS.

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  7. Click ARCHIVING to arrange the archiving menu.

    • Archive Frequency : Chose monthly.

    • enable Post Pages? : Chose Yes.

    • Click SAVE SETTINGS.

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  8. Click Site Feed.

    • Publish Site Feed : Chose Yes.

    • Descriptions : Chose Full

    • Article Footer : If you have advertising code like Google Adsense, you can insert the code here.

    • Click SAVE SETTINGS.

    • Finish.

One work of being finished, was kept welcoming the other work...



Making a Blog at Blogspot

Maybe, there're some of you who still don't understand about blog, and still wondering about blog. As my kindness, I’ll try to review a little about blog. (Based on my version),

1. Blog, What it is?

Blog (abbreviation from Web log) is sites which more dominant in private characteristic. This means, most of the content will be affected (realize or not) by the characteristic of the Blogger (Blog user) himself.

Blog was made by the designers of the blog provider in order to work automatically and easily to be operated on, so for we that still was confused with the programming language to make one website still not the problem.If you could have made an email account in the internet, then in made blog then I was convinced you could.
2. How to make a blog?

As if when we start to make an ordinary e-mail, we’ll need an account first, to make a blog. Because of that reason, feel please to register yourself in free blog provider. We can find a lot of free blog provider in internet, and some blog provider which really famous nowadays, are, or

In this chance, I’m going to review about make a blog in Click the picture below to register.

Saw the picture below:
please click here

After we arrive in, you will see picture like shown above. Now, follow my instruction.

  1. Click an arrow sign, inscribed with “CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW
  2. Complete the ‘e-mail address’ form, with your own e-mail address (of course with the valid one).
  3. Rewrite your e-mail address in form ‘retype e-mail address’
  4. Type the password as you wanted to. Type it in form, ‘enter a password’
  5. Retype your password in form ‘type password again’
  6. Type the password as you wanted to. Type it in form, ‘enter a password’
  7. Retype your password in form ‘type password again’
  8. Type the word which has shown, in form ‘word verification’. Click the white little square beside the sentence, ‘I accept the Terms of Service’.
  9. Click an arrow sign inscribed with “CONTINUE
  10. Write the title of your blog that you desire (you can change it later) in form ‘Blog Title’
  11. Type the name of your site in form ‘Blog Address (URL)’ .
  12. Type verification word which shown in form ‘word verification’. After that, click an arrow image inscribed with word, ‘CONTINUE’.
  13. Choose one template that you wanted to (You can change it later, if you want), then click again an arrow sign inscribed with word ‘CONTINUE’.
  14. Wait a moment. After you meet a sentence ‘Your blog has been created’. Click an arrow sign (again) which inscribed with “BEGIN POSTING’. Feel please to fill up your blog with everything you want to. After you finish with your first posting, just click the sentence, ‘PUBLISH YOUR POSTING’, Please write What you want, if being finished then click of the publish button.
  15. It's Done.



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